What we offer

Sweetness in the heart of Tuscany

A family tradition

Sweetness in the heart of Tuscany

Uncompromising quality

Sweetness in the heart of Tuscany

A tuscany story

Our cookies reflect our family’s history and that of our small bakery and shop, where Dino and his loved ones worked with passion, over fifty years ago, in a tiny village in the Tuscan Apennines.

A small shop where you could find everything, a welcoming smile, genuine flavors, but above all excellent bread and delicious handmade cookies that were made in the small wood-fired oven in the backroom.

Over the years, the cookies gained widespread fame, but the small bakery kept its commitment to quality and tradition while introducing new specialties.


What we do:
We produce Cantuccini, biscuits and sweets…

Cantuccini, Butter short bread, Almond paste

Tradition, heritage, and quality in every cookie: introducing our Sapori del Lago Nero range

For us, a cookie isn’t just about history and tradition. It’s a magical blend of stories and flavors in one singular, unforgettable morsel.

That’s why our catalog is rich in taste and variety: from traditional recipes to our most recent experiments and innovations.

Our creations stem from classic recipes like Cantuccini, Frollini, and ‘Brutti ma buoni’. Drawing from our land, classic Italian flavors, our expertise, and a shared love for sweet treats, we’ve developed a broad range of cookies to suit all preferences.

Though we offer an extensive selection, our focus remains on using the finest ingredients and achieving perfect flavor combinations. Our aim is to produce cookies for those who value quality over quantity.

Our Sapori del Lago Nero line is the perfect option for anyone committed to offering only the highest quality food to their customers.

A homage to traditional wisdom and flavors

Some of the recipes are nearly a hundred years old. We inherited them from our small family-run shop in a tiny village in the Tuscan Apennines, where they were transformed into sublime treats by the skilled hands of Dino and his family.

For decades, our love for genuine flavor has been a constant, but that’s not the only characteristic we wish our cookies can convey. We believe that each one of these little delicacies should also evoke cherished moments with every single bite.

To us, a cookie is a chance to portray the story of the people behind it and where it comes from. This is the philosophy we follow when we prepare our Sapori del Lago Nero cookies. We make sure that each one encapsulates our heritage and the unique characteristics of our region, along with our love for experimentation.

Our cookies are an expression of our land

Today, with our production of ‘homemade-style’ cookies we aim to honor our land.

We seek to uphold the tradition and the wisdom of those who came before us. We strive to preserve the pristine air and pure mountain water that impart unique flavors to our cookies, maintaining a production process in harmony with nature. Primarily, we wish to pay tribute to anyone who eats our cookies, both longstanding customers and new ones, by providing them with a fragrant, genuine and flavorful morsels.

Sweetness in the heart
of  Tuscany


In our brand logo you can find the Mountain, that symbolize the place where we live and we produce cakes and biscuits; the river, that flows and gives life to our valley, as a sign of fresh air; the sun, in background that rising behind the mountain, as a sign of something of new, a young company.
Finally, A kind of darke Salamander, called Tritone, this amphibious is a characteristic element of Lake Nero, here in fact live those amphibious and characterize the color of Lake, so it is black.