What we offer

Sweetness in the heart of Tuscany

A family tradition

Sweetness in the heart of Tuscany

Uncompromising quality

Sweetness in the heart of Tuscany

A tuscany story

The story of our biscuits and cakes are a tradition of our family, our oven and our home-made store, in a small country of Appennino Toscano called Pian degli Ontani. A small shop when it is possible to find much things, such as “the good-morning with a smile”, excellent breads and biscuits.
Biscuits and cakes, that home-made make, conquer new consumer.
Biscuits and cakes offer an antique family tradition for pleasure of all.


What we do:
We produce Cantuccini, biscuits and sweets…

Cantuccini, Butter short bread, Almond paste

We are a small family company business and craftsman that produces biscuits and cakes. For our work we are inspired by the simplicity, we choose the best raw materials, we take special care in working with the ideal proportions of ingredients and careful cooking. Every day these are the first rules that drive our passion to spoil our customers to discover ancient tastes and knowledge.
This is a world of flour, eggs, butter, sugar and another raw material, to join our passion and the technological production and control processes to ensure the maximum quality and safety of our products.
Our biscuits recall life in the camps, the simplicity of the products and their sublime taste, to bring the flavors of the time and knowledge handed down by tradition.

The natural environment around us has a symphony that bring out the uniqueness of the country: clean air and clean water are the framework for all local products. We tried to understand what made our country so special because we were so connected to it and its traditions. We want to tell you, through our products, our custom, we eat deeply reflects who we are and how we live in symbiosis with nature. Or products are “such as home-made”, represent the best craftsmanship, we make them for you with the same attention and ingredients that you would put in your kitchen.
We want to be the privilege contact for all who recognize that “quality product” is a sure strong point for your business.

Sweetness in the heart
of  Tuscany


In our brand logo you can find the Mountain, that symbolize the place where we live and we produce cakes and biscuits; the river, that flows and gives life to our valley, as a sign of fresh air; the sun, in background that rising behind the mountain, as a sign of something of new, a young company.
Finally, A kind of darke Salamander, called Tritone, this amphibious is a characteristic element of Lake Nero, here in fact live those amphibious and characterize the color of Lake, so it is black.