Our biscuits

Simply delicious

Butter short bread

Frollini al burro

Butter Shortbread

Sablées alla nocciola

Cookies with hazelnuts

Frollini al farro

Shortbread spelt


Shortbread filled with lemon cream

Fiore al cioccolato

Cocoa shortbread with dark chocolate

Yogurt e mais

Buttershortbread with yogurt and corn

occhini dark all'arancio

Occhini dark all’arancio

Shortbread with cocoa filled with orange cream

fagottini arancio e cioccolato

Fagottini arancio e cioccolato

Shortbread filled with orange cream and chocolate

Buon mattino

Butter Shortbread

Frollini al riso

Shortbread rice

Canestrelli all'albicocca

Shortbreds with apricot jam

Fagottini al cioccolato

Shortbread filled with chocolate cream

Pan di scricchioli

Biscuits with cornflakes and raisins

chicchi integrali e miele

Chicchi integrali e miele

Buttershortbread intregals and honey

occhini dark all'arancio

Double alla vaniglia

Shortbread with cocoa filled with vanilla cream

fiocchetti alla fragola

Fiocchetti alla fragola

Shortbread filled with strawberry jam

Lingue di gatto

Butter Shortbread ideal for mousse, ice cream…

Pepite cocco e riso

Shortbread coconut rice

Occhini al cioccolato

shortbread with dark chocolate

occhini al limone

Occhini al limone

Shortbreads with lemon jam

Fagottini del bosco

Shortbread filled with jam berries

Fior di castagno

Shortbread with chestnut flour

chicchi integrali e miele

sablées al pistacchio

Sablés with pistachios

chicchi integrali e miele

Gli apple mela mangio

Shortbread filled with apple jam

Frollini senza zucchero aggiunto

Butter Shortbread whitout sugar

Frollini golosi

Shortbread glazed with dark chocolate

Occhini ai frutti di bosco

Biscuits with jam berries


Shortbread with milk cream

Tegoline al Kamut

Biscuits with Kamut®

frollini al cioccolato

Frollini al cioccolato

Shortbread biscuits with chocolate

fagottini albicocca

Fagottini all'albicocca

Biscuits filled with apricot

Sweetness in the heart
of  Tuscany


In our brand logo you can find the Mountain, that symbolize the place where we live and we produce cakes and biscuits; the river, that flows and gives life to our valley, as a sign of fresh air; the sun, in background that rising behind the mountain, as a sign of something of new, a young company.
Finally, A kind of darke Salamander, called Tritone, this amphibious is a characteristic element of Lake Nero, here in fact live those amphibious and characterize the color of Lake, so it is black.