Uncompromising quality

Quality without compromise: our meticulous production

Our company is based at 900 meters above sea level, in a small village between Cutigliano and Abetone in the Tuscan mountains; not too far from the family workshop where it all began.

Here, where life still unfolds at a slow pace, the air is clean and limpid, and the water runs crystal clear, we are able to produce quality biscuits. These small bites represent all that’s good from our land, thanks to careful choices in production and packaging.


Local ingredients only

For our cookies, we use only noble fats: butter and extra virgin olive oil. We process them cold to respect the processing times and avoid the deterioration of the ingredients, thus preserving their natural essence.

We do not use artificial flavors, tropical oils, colorants, or GMO products.

A slower apprach to baking

We produce biscuits.

While the shaping is quick, to preserve the raw materials, we opt for a slow baking process to retain full flavors. Our cookies achieve their ideal texture and aroma in an oven, where the temperature is carefully controlled to prevent the loss of any volatile aromas. It’s a slow and careful approach that yields a distinctly different result from what’s achieved in modern, high-output convection ovens.

A packaging that protects

When it comes to preserving the quality of our products, we take utmost care: they must remain, over an extended period, just as fragrant as when they came out of the oven. For this reason, we have designed custom sealed bags, both at the top and bottom, to minimize oxygen and contaminant ingress. This ensures the unaltered flavor and texture, but also guarantees hygiene and safety.

Sweetness in the heart
of  Tuscany


In our brand logo you can find the Mountain, that symbolize the place where we live and we produce cakes and biscuits; the river, that flows and gives life to our valley, as a sign of fresh air; the sun, in background that rising behind the mountain, as a sign of something of new, a young company.
Finally, A kind of darke Salamander, called Tritone, this amphibious is a characteristic element of Lake Nero, here in fact live those amphibious and characterize the color of Lake, so it is black.