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Specialy biscuits from Tuscany, this range enclose a lot of variety, from the classic cantuccini with almonds, to the unique with cacao mass and pistachio.The choice is your!

Cantuccini with Almonds
Cantucci CioccolatoCantucci al Cioccolato Fondente
Cantuccini with Chocolate

Cantuccini with Almonds and Chocolate

Cantuccini with Chocolate

Typical cantuccini of traditions

Cantuccini with Cacao Mass,
Almonds and Pistachio

Cantuccini stuffed with Raspberry

Cantuccini with Chocolate,
pistachio and walnuts

Cantuccini stuffed with Blueberry jam

Cantuccini with Chestnut flour

Cantuccini with Spelt Flour

Cantuccini with anise seeds

Cantuccini with anise seeds and

Cantuccini with Dried Apricots

Cantuccini with Cacao Mass and White Chocolate

Cantuccini with Cacao Mass,
hanzelnut and orange peel

Cantuccini with Dried Figs


Biscuits ButterShortBread, this range enclose from the classic biscuits with eggs, sugar and butter to the original biscuits with only rise flour.

We have a ideal line for anybody!


Butter Shortbread

Butter Shortbread

Butter Shortbread ideal for mousse, ice cream...

Butter Shortbread whitout sugar

Butter Shortbread whit Rice Flour, whitout weat flour

Butter Shortbread whit Rice Flour and Wheat flour

Butter Shortbread whit coconut flour and rice

Butter Shortbread immersed in Dark Chocolate

Butter Shortbread with chickpeas flour

Butter Shortbread filling with apricots jam

Butter Shortbread filling with chocolate cream

Butter Shortbread filling with berry jam
Fagottino al Limone Limonetto 
Butter Shortbread filling with lemon cream
Fagottino al Cioccolato
Butter Shortbread filling with chocolate cream

Butter Shortbread with Chestnut Flour
Butter Shortbread filling with Spelt Flour

Fiore al Cioccolato
Butter Shortbread with chocolate

Pan di Scricchioli Classici
Butter Shortbread with Sponge Crunch


This cake are with almond paste, there are some types such as almond paste with chocolate, almond paste with limoncello...

Typical Almond Paste
Brutti ma Buoni al Cioccolato
Typical Almond Paste with Chocolate
Brutti ma Buoni al Limoncello
Typical Almond Paste with Limoncello

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