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What we do: We produce Cantuccini, biscuits and sweets ...

Our biscuits recall life in the camps, the simplicity of the products and their taste sublime, to rediscover the flavors of the past and knowledge handed down by tradition.
The natural environment around us and offers us a symphony that highlights the uniqueness of the land, clean air and clean water are the framework for all local products.
We make our products ... like homemade, differ not only for the label but also differ in taste and shape. We want to share with our customers the pleasure of rediscovering the taste of "real things", the forgotten flavors, a sweet nostalgia and a great novelty.
This includes those who are careful to "quench" quality rather than quantity.
We would like to be the partner for all those who recognize the "quality product" a secure point of strength.

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The our logo brand represents the strong bond with the land and the environment.

Not far from our village, there is a natural Lake where the river Sestaione originates, (in fact, Sestaione is our street) (photo Sestaione”, il photo river), this Lake is called Lago Nero (photo lake ,photo “Lago Nero” )(Black).

In our brand logo you can find the Mountain (photo montagne) , that symbolize the place (photo territorio and l'ambiente) where we live and we produce cakes and biscuits; the river, (photo sintesi dell'ambiente ) that flows and gives life to our valley, as a sign of fresh air (photo aria buona and acqua pulita ) ; the sun, in background that rising behind the mountain, as a sign of something of new, a young company…;

Finally, A kind of darke Salamander, called Tritone (photo Tritone) , this amphibious is a characteristic element of Lake Nero, here in fact live those amphibious and characterize the color of Lake, so it is black


How to find us

Ph. 0039 573 67 33 12
 Via del Sestaione n. 14 - 51024 Cutigliano (PT) 
Geographical coordinates:

Latitudine 44.10364 NORD - Longitudine 10.72290 EST - Altitudine 856 slm

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