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How we were...

How we are...

The story of our biscuits and cakes is a tradition of our family, our oven and our home-made store, in a small country of Appennino Toscano called Pian degli Ontani.
A small shop when it is possible to find much things, such as “the good-morning with a smile”, excellent breads and biscuits.
Biscuits and cakes, that home-made make, conquer new consumer.
Biscuits and cakes offer an antique family tradition for pleasure of all.

Dino e Margherita in bottega

Bottega Vecchia al CampanileBottega al Campanile

This is a world of flour, eggs, butter, sugar and another raw material, to join our passion and the technological production and control processes to ensure the maximum quality and safety of our products.
Our company is directed by the simplicity and inspirited by the principles of rediscovery ancient knowledge and tastes.
The natural environment around us has a symphony that bring out the uniqueness of the country: clean air and clean water are the framework for all local products.
Our products are home-made in respect of Tuscan tradition.
Careful selection of the ingredients is the first step towards achieving the best results: for our cookies we choose the best almonds and fresh pasteurized eggs without water added, we use top quality butter and not margarine.
Our biscuits do not differentiate in the label but they are also different in taste and in shape.
We want to share the pleasure of rediscovering the taste of forgotten taste.
We want to be the privilege contact for all who recognize that “quality product” is a sure strong point for business.

Our product image is characterize by simplicity, clarity and transparency.
Our package has no fear to show our products, in order to allow to make the right.
The graphic theme is Tuscany, intends to revive those feelings of simplicity and good life.

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